Multiple Teams · Weekly Schedule (12/14 – 12/19)

2020-21 Falcon Wrestling – Weekly Schedule

Week Five: December 14th – 19th                        

ThemeToughness: Forged in the Fire


This Week’s Practice Schedule:

MondayA Group – WR Room (3:20-4:50)                       B Group – WR Room (5:00-6:30)


TuesdayA Group – WR Room (3:20-4:50)                       B Group – WR Room (5:00-6:30)


WednesdayA GroupWR Room (3:20-5:00)

*C Team – Double Dual @ Home     /     *Girls – Mixer @ Paola HS


Thursday: *V/JV/G – Double Dual @ Prairie View HS


Friday: *V/JV/G – JOCO Quad #1 @ Bishop Miege HS


Saturday: *Varsity – JOCO Quad #2 @ Blue Valley HS



*WednesdayCTeam Double Duals; North GymSetup (4:00); Wrestle (5:00)

*Wednesday: Girls Mixer; Paola HS: Bus (3:30); Weigh (4:30); Wrestle (5:30)

*Thursday: Double Dual; Prairie View HS: Bus (2:30); Weigh (4:00); Wrestle (5:00)

*Friday: JOCO Quad; Bishop Miege HS: Bus (3:30); Weigh (4:30); Wrestle (5:30)

*Saturday: JOCO Quad; Blue Valley HS: Bus (7:00); Weigh (8:00); Wrestle (9:00)



Quote: “The only way you gain mental toughness is to do things you’re not happy doing. If you continue doing things that you’re satisfied and make you happy, you’re not getting stronger. You’re staying where you’re at. Either you’re getting better, or you’re getting worse. You’re not staying the same.” – David Goggins

Tend The Root: We must choose toughness every day. Human beings are hardwired to seek comfort and to find the path of least resistance. Each time you willingly choose the more difficult path, or the right path, you callous your mind. To become tough, we must callous our mind over and over again. It’s easy to do the right things – but it’s easier to not do them – toughness is what allows us to make the correct choice. Stay vigilant of your choices and continue to choose toughness. This doesn’t ensure victory of every battle – but it promises an opportunity to win the war! The toughest swords in battle did not become that way overnight. They are not made of some special & unique metal. Instead, the swords that swing true on the battlefield are the ones TOUGH ENOUGH to be forged in the hottest fires, and pounded over and over again.